Integrating Africa – what role for communications?

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10 de maio de 2018
Integrando a África – qual o papel da comunicação?
16 de maio de 2018

Integrating Africa – what role for communications?

The second edition of Africa Communications Week is bringing together Africa focused communications professionals in over 20 cities across Africa and Europe to discuss how the communications profession can strengthen Africa’s development agenda. From May 21 – 25 2018, communicators will gather for a series of conferences, masterclasses and roundtable discussions on “Economic Integration in Africa: Opportunities for Communications.”

Africa Communications Week is the premier gathering for communications professionals and thought leaders looking to impact the current narratives on Africa and is open to all communications professionals with an expertise/interest in Africa, from African countries and across the globe.

“There are too many communication professionals working in isolation, trying to challenge the current narratives about Africa. Africa Communications Week seeks to build bridges between forward-thinking communicators,” says ACW co-founder Annie Mutamba. Narratives surrounding Africa have an impact on the socio-economic development of the continent, Africa focused communicators must therefore be strategic about shaping a narrative that is so vital to the transformation of the continent.

Speaking on the the theme for this year, ACW co-founder Eniola Harrison explains “integrating Africa is about infrastructure, technology, finance AND communications — strategic communications is a key driver for the transformation of the continent”.

The biggest single step African countries could take towards reducing their reputation gap is including their skilled communications workforce in decision-making to advance their economic transformation and meet the demands of a global economy.


About Africa Communications Week

Powered by a virtual international team of multi-talented communications professionals, Africa Communications Week aims to convene leading communications professionals from various backgrounds across the world, to critically assess the role of communications in Africa’s socio-economic development.

The next edition of Africa Communications Week will take place between 21 and 25 May in various locations around the world.

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Redação TMPRP
Integrating Africa – what role for communications?